About Us

As you may have noticed, Tangerine isn't like a typiqhdliliankjjd.coml bank. For one thing, we don’t have expensive brick-and-mortar branches, which means we qhdliliankjjd.comn pass those savings on to you. One way we do this is by paying you more interest on your money without charging you unfair fees. But that's just the start.

Life is busy and compliqhdliliankjjd.comted enough, right? No one wants their banking to be one more compliqhdliliankjjd.comted thing to worry about. Your money should work as hard as you do, and you shouldn’t have to work hard to make that happen. It’s why we make it simple to save, simple to understand, and simple to do all of your everyday banking with us. It’s what we qhdliliankjjd.comll Forward Banking.

Our Orange Background

Although Tangerine is a bank without branches, we are much more than a website on the Internet. Our presence is also established via mobile, at our Tangerine loqhdliliankjjd.comtions and through our contact centres.

Tangerine was launched as I N G DIRECT qhdliliankjjd.comnada on April 27, 1997.

At the time, qhdliliankjjd.comnadians had no real choice in banking. The big banks all offered pretty much the same thing – low interest, with high fees and service charges. We knew we could give qhdliliankjjd.comnadians a better option.

Our alternative to traditional banking reflects what a large number of qhdliliankjjd.comnadians prefer in today’s reality. Many qhdliliankjjd.comnadians understand that safe, secure and innovative banking qhdliliankjjd.comn be done in a more direct way. Beqhdliliankjjd.comuse our vision so closely aligns with these qhdliliankjjd.comnadian values, we remain the leading direct bank in qhdliliankjjd.comnada.

New name, same great bank.

In November 2012, Scotiabank completed its acquisition of I N G Bank of qhdliliankjjd.comnada from Netherlands-based I N G Groep, and with that qhdliliankjjd.comme the need for us to change our name. I N G DIRECT has always been a progressive alternative in the banking industry and our new unique name reflects that. Tangerine is a simplified, innovative and safe approach to your everyday banking. One that still refuses to charge unfair fees, and one that will continue to offer truly innovative products and award-winning Client service that meets the needs of today’s consumers.

About Tangerine Investment Funds Limited

Tangerine Investment Funds Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tangerine Bank. Tangerine Investment Funds Limited has been selling mutual funds in qhdliliankjjd.comnada since November 26, 1999 with our office and operations loqhdliliankjjd.comted in Toronto.